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I have a new project I am working on and need to create a communication platform for kids and mentors. The idea is that while onlin kids can start topics and only themselves and mentors can communicate/comment on these topics - 1 kid only has 1 mentor, 1 mentor can only work with 1 kid.

There are 2 more people who would be able to see the communication - program facilitator who provides curriculum / topics kids can discuss with and get advice on from mentors, and administrator.

Administrator role is to oversee all communication between kid and mentor in order to maintain the integrity of the program and protect the platform from being abused / prevent kids from ending up in an inappropriate situation.

I would need to have email notifications sent to kid, mentor and admin every time a new topic is created and a comment has been posted from either kid or mentor.

Flow of information would be as follows:

Thursday: Program staff sends an email message out to all of the mentors that tells them what their kids are learning about in class that week. It is something that pertains to education and their experience in college. The mentors are prompted to think about their college experience and how that issue worked out in their life.

Friday: Staff does a lesson in class and has the kids write a topic about the lesson. Mentor is notified of the new letter/topic on the site

Saturday – Wednesday: The mentors post comments to the letter on the website. Kids get email notification of the comments and post their own on the same topic.

All of the messages between mentors and kids need to be set up so they can be monitored by the staff.

Can this be accomplished / How can I set this up with Easy discuss.
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Arlex Wong replied on Thursday, April 07 2016, 10:33 AM
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I missed up something in my previous reply, if you modify this file JoomlaFolder\components\com_easydiscuss\themes\simplistic\form.user.edit.php, you can override this theme file into your current template file, for example :

You might want to check these cool stuff : || || || || ||

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You can also contact us via our helpdesk if you would like to require for some customisation or sales question.

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