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I have been browsing through some sites lately and noticed that there are actually quite a number of awesome looking EasySocial sites! We are looking for these awesome sites that can be included on our site showcase at


- Your site must look great!
- It must not have any errors!
- It must have more than 250 users!

If your site is selected to be showcased you will be entitled to:

- 6 Months of Free EasySocial Pro subscriptions
- We will blog about your site to get you more exposure with interviews from our marketing ladies!
- Get direct access to me :p (just kidding, you wouldn't want me) but you'll probably want some insights from me on how you could optimize your site.

Format of postings:

My site runs on EasySocial version x.x.x. I have xxx amount of users registered on our site and concurrent user of xxx users.

The site is currently powered by:

- EasySocial
- EasyBlog
- EasyDiscuss
- Rockettheme (Template name)
- etc ...

The URL to my site is: http://xxxxxx
Please do take some time to read through some of these links:

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