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I have a blog which is displayed using the (Posts) Frontpage menu item. Is there any way to have this page show a list of my blog posts with only the first 200 characters or so instead of the entire blog post?

I do not want to use the read more feature, because when this is used, the text before the read more break does not get included when viewing the entire blog post.

I see in the Settings - Layout - Listings area that there is a setting for Show Post Content (which is set to yes) and Maximum Content (Characters) but changing these settings doesn't seem to affect anything.

Thank you.
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Raymond replied on Thursday, September 15 2016, 11:42 AM
Accepted Answer
Hi Diane,
The Show Post Content under Listings that you mentioned is actually for the featured posts.

To achieve your objective, you have to head to Settings>Layout>Truncation to truncate your blog posts.
The left column(Composer Posts) are for posts created using the EasyBlog built-in composer. The right column(Normal Posts) are truncation settings for posts created using other Joomla editors.
Hope this helps.

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