Roadmap To 2.0

This thread is to start an open discussion for the development of EasySocial 2.0 and the features which we know are currently planned. Please comment only on the items which we know are planned to be included, stay on topic and provide valuable input as to how you would like to see each of these elements designed and what features you would like included with each.

Planned from Voices:

- Page Categories
- Option to Deactivate Super User Activies in Stream
- Animated Gif
- Add option of "one time" Points rule
- Make Event App Easier to See on Group Pages
- In order to send a private message to all users
- Event Info and Timeline.. Single View on one page PLEASE! Huge User experience improvement!
- Cleaner URL's Through All Of EasySocial
- Menu Item for Polls
- Using arrow keys for album navigation.
- Content Plugin - Allow page exclusions
- Allow setting Broadcast Popups and Notifications expiration
- Import EXIF Data On Images And Show On Details Page
- ACL Stats for Users

Planned from Forum/Blog/Comments:

- Paid Memberships
- Pages

Thank you for your valuable feedback, this is an open user forum to help guide the StackIdeas Team in a direction that the users of their software will most benefit. This is NOT a post on behalf of the StackIdeas Team and there is NO guarantee that your suggestions will be included in the upcoming 2.0 release or any future release.
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