Redirect Login For Easy Social From Moodle

Hi Stackideas Team

I have Moodle here:

When I click on a course ABC I am brought here:
Which is the way this should work.
Please see the first screen shot.

I have the exact same Moodle set up here in a wrapper:
When I click on a course ABC I am redirected to a ES Login inside the wrapper where Moodle is.
Please see the third screen shot.

So far so good?

At the risk of confusing things further:

In the back end of Moodle there is a section called “Manage authentication”
Please see the second screen shot!
In there, there is a section called:
“Alternate login URL” with the following instructions:

If you enter a URL here, it will be used as the login page for this site. The page should contain a form which has the action property set to '' and return fields username and password.
Be careful not to enter an incorrect URL as you may lock yourself out of this site.
Leave this setting blank to use the default login page.

I have a using this login page here in the above field in Moodle:

What I am trying to achieve:

I want the login in the second eg (in Joomdle wrapper) to take me to the ES login page outside of the wrapper.
As seen in the first screen shot!

I hope that this makes some kind of sense!

Networking beyond the finalBUG...

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