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Profile Integration

Good morning StackTeam!

I am developing a site using the combination of EasyBlog and EasyDiscuss.
According to "Integrations" on the Settings of both Components, all is set to "yes" or "on" already.
But what I needed would be to have user's Profiles synchronized. It's kinda awkward to have an "Edit Profile" in EasyBlog which leads you to something and then an "Edit Profile" in EasyDiscuss which leads you to a completely different thing. Even the Profile Picture is not the same. And it leaves the whole site with a non-sense look. With an amateur-experimental look, actually.

Also, it would be really nice if all the Themes available in one Component would be available in the other Component - to keep the whole site uniformed, united, as a whole, with consistence.
The Toolbar would be nice to be solid equal through all components as well.

But hopefully it's me who tried and tried and could not make it united! :D
So I'll wait for some hints on how to make it happen.

Well... I popped up a few integration issues, but as my Subject suggests, the thing more important to me now is to have one Profile only in sync through both EasyBlog and Discuss.
Thank you in advance, and have a nice day! :)

Daniel Ribeiro
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