Maps Not Working And Error On Every Page Load

I'm having great difficulty getting location services and maps to work or load on my site in spite of going through every step on every post I've seen so far. I have another site that has maps on several programs (jomsocial and djclassifieds) that run smooth with location services and all map displays throughout the site.

I tried all I can think of to solve the problem on my end. I have set up a separate project on Google with different keys because all I can get to work on easysocial at all is Google Places and it only works in the photo locations to set the location, and will only work if there is no referrer set for the key (either server or http), and my other programs don't work properly without the referrer set. I'm running strict https and tried loading maps and using location services without any keys entered for location services and get the same result: "Google Maps API error: MissingKeyMapError" on every page load.

Another strange thing is that even with the location set in photos, the pop up map will not load even though the correct coordinates and url are there. Clicking on the empty map will display the map on another page perfectly, and in the error console it shows a 403 error from Google servers.

I know the information is making it to my Google project key as all the errors are shown on the dashboard for Google Maps, Geolocation, and Geocoding APIs, and the calls on Google Places API are being recorded with no errors.

Please help
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