How To Display A Single 'featured' Blog Post

Hi there

I'm hoping there is a really simple answer to this as I'm going round in circles.

What i want to achieve...

To display a single blog post as a module in a chosen position of an article so that:

When clicking the post it links to the EasyBlog component, to view the full post
Shows a specifically selected image assigned to the post, primarily the Post cover image.

Solutions I have tried...

1. Current EasyBlog modules - I haven't found one module that can achieve this (yet)
2. Content display extensions including:
a. Minitek Wall Pro - doesn't allow selection/targeting of a single easyblog article
b. RAXO All-mode portal - doesn't enable selection of easyblog posts, only joomla articles/categories and doesn't allow image selection.
c. Zentools2 - whilst this does enable single post selection, it doesn't allow selection of the image and defaults the first 'non-cover' image in the post.

Any help finding a solution would be greatly appreciated.


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Abdul Warith replied on Friday, September 23 2016, 07:20 PM
Accepted Answer
Hi again Paul,

Before I try, can i just check that you understand i would like to display an easyblog post with other joomla content (not other blog posts) and so the page that the easyblog post that i would like to display will sit alongside a joomla article and other content modules.
Does this solution enable this to happen some way?

My suggestion is not suitable regarding on what you have stated above. Sorry for the confusion above. It only can be used if you wanted your EasyBlog's Blog Post A with EasyBlog's Blog Post B only not with different articles or with different components.

Do you know if there is any planned feature to enable selection of a specific post/posts by ID or Title so these can be displayed as a module, as I've described? I see this as being quite a fundamental method of displaying specific easyblog content blended with other joomla content and there are extensions that can be bought from other extension providers that offer something similar/close to this use case. It would be good if it was built in to easyblog as another module type, or, simply included as another attribute in a current module (for example, Categories, where you might only select certain articles and exclude others; Latest Blogs, again where you might select certain articles and exclude others).

It would be best if you can submit a feature request regarding this issues in our voice page ->, so everyone else could vote for it, the more people request on this, and we will priority consider it.
These links might come in handy. Please do take some time to read through some of these links:

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