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Well, I set up the Facebook app and have gone into the EasyBlog admin panel "Social Integrations", "Facebook" section and clicked on "Yes" for:

Enable Facebook Likes
Show Send button
Enable likes on listing pages
Show faces

I set the "button position" for "Default Behavior", "Standard".

The Facebook button does not show up on the front page of my posts or when I click on the text of the post and
am taken to the post itself.

How do I get the Facebook button to show up on my EasyBlog posts?

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Arlex Wong replied on Tuesday, September 09 2014, 02:42 PM
Accepted Answer
Hello Michael Madl,

Sorry for late reply to this,
It seems like the sh404SEF core - Social buttons plugin conflict with the Easyblog Facebook social button. When i tried to set the option to "Hide", then the Facebook social button is appeared now. Please have a check.

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