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we used a T3 based template on our site motoraddict.be
We made a new template based on gantry.
We would like to export Komento from articles (T3 install) to our new version gantry based.
Is there a "easy" solution to do it ? Do you have some advice to do this ?
Thanks in advance !
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  • NIK FARIS replied on Friday, October 31 2014, 11:11 AM
    Hello Olivier,

    May I know, are they on 2 different sites? If so, you can export all the #_komento tables from the old site and import it into the new site.
    However, the identity (especially article id) might be recreated, and under these cases, comments that were tied to for example article id 1, might be different when you migrate the article id over to the new site.

    If the article id is maintained to be the same in new site, then this will be relatively easy as you will just need to export the komento tables from your old database and import it back to the new database. :)
    Best regards,
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