EB Error When Attempting To Preview A Post

Hi folks,
My client is attempting to preview a post prior to publishing and is receiving an Undefined Variable error on the page. I pasted it below. I upgraded to 5.0.37 just in case, but the problem persists.
Please advise. Cheers, Gilles
Previewing Unpublished Post
You are currently previewing a post that hasn't been published on the site yet.
A. Seeker's Storybook
Thursday, 15 September 2016
Michelle Tocher

Notice: Undefined variable: content in /home/wonder99/public_html/components/com_easyblog/themes/wireframe/blogs/entry/default.php on line 173
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Arlex Wong replied on Friday, September 16 2016, 10:18 AM
Accepted Answer
Try download my attached file and replace into this file location JoomlaFolder\components\com_easyblog\views\entry\view.html.php, it should fix this issue.
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