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Permissions > "New Post"

Accept and Answer Permission Settings

Enable Q & A on a per category basis

Can you share the EasyDiscuss template you use on this forum?

ED4 support/fixes when ED5 is out / Joomla 4 compatibility of ED...

Difference - My ticket (created) & my tickets I answered. How...

Install EasyDiscuss

Failed to Upgrade ED

Updating EasyDiscuss generates a notice

no installation

Easy Discuss on Microsoft Azure

Error updating EasyDiscuss

Shortcode doesn't work in EasyDiscuss

EasyDiscuss | Email Digest - Mobile Ready

I can´t enable subscription option

Category permissions not working (Critical issue)

Insert video in the editor TinyMCE

Facebook Login for EasyDiscuss Professional

Allow splitting/branching of discussions

EasyDiscuss Feedback Needed

Automatic assign of a moderator

Easydiscuss doesn't have copy feature for creating new categories

EasyDiscuss | Image Optimization Service

More colors for Roles on the site

Two examples of engagement with Users

Please check the font styling in the Reply box

Please check the font-family CSS setting of the Reject Answer but...

Please check pagination of the Notifications page

Please check color hardcoding left over in CSS

Change who can accept answer

Mentions in EasyDiscuss

Custom Toolbar Links

Anonymous post

Hide toolbar tabs for visitors

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