Avatar Not Migrated From JomSocial?


I just tried to migrate form JomSocial to EasySocial. I really love EasySocial, but I have some problems.

  1. "Normal messages" will not be migrated, is this right? Example: A user writes in JS-stream: "It is cold outside." This message does not appear in the ES stream after migration, isn't it?
  2. User-profiles get migrated correctly, also images and so on. But avatars do not appear in ES. There even is no subfolder in the "com_easysocial/avatars/" folder. I now manually set avatar for admin-account, then the files appear. Am I doing wrong? I successfully did a test-run before updating to new ES version. May there be any relation to new version?

This is only one small question an one problem. I hope, you can help me.


PS: Groups get migrated just at the moment. This will take some hours. I run the user-migrator three times. It finished alway "successfully".
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Sam replied on Friday, December 12 2014, 11:16 AM
Accepted Answer
Hi Samson,

I am sorry for the delay of this reply.

Basically what i did is to re-run the migrator. But off-course I edit the php code so that the migrator only run the required process. If you take a look at this file JOOMLA/administrator/components/com_easysocial/includes/migrators/helpers/jomsocial.php at line 48 ~ 58. So what i did was to comment out those not require steps. E.g.

// $this->steps[] = 'profiles';
// $this->steps[] = 'profileusers';
// $this->steps[] = 'connection';
// $this->steps[] = 'points';
// $this->steps[] = 'photos';
// $this->steps[] = 'albumscover';
// $this->steps[] = 'conversation';
$this->steps[] = 'useravatar';
// $this->steps[] = 'usercover';
// $this->steps[] = 'photocomments';
// $this->steps[] = 'fbconnects';

The above tell the migrator to run the user avatar migration only. So during my test, the user avatar migration completed without any issue. Then I re-unable back the steps one by one and that is how i come to realise the photo migration is not complete.

As for the memory_limit of 1024mb, this is not required to be permanent value. You can change back to 256mb after you complete the migration :) The reason of needing 1024mb is to smoothen the process of creating photos from JomSocial into EasySocial.

Hope this help and have a nice day :)

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