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This application allows your users to display a list of blog posts that they have created via EasyBlog.

Current integrations with EasySocial

* Displays stream item within EasySocial.
* Notifications whenever a user posts a comment on the blog.
* Points
* Badges

Note: This app requires the main EasyBlog extension to be installed.

Version 1.0.16
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Compatible With 1.0.x 1.1.x 1.2.x
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REVIEWS   (3 reviews)

Handsom Just
Ahmad Justin, on 19th Apr, 2014
Best stuff I've ever downloaded, my cat truly loves it!!...
Sean, on 18th Mar, 2014
Got this installed on 1.20 RC4 and it's working perfectly thus far! No idea what was going during my last attempt, but I retract my previous rating and comment! Great job guys!...
Hmmm couldn't get working?
Sean, on 15th Mar, 2014
Installed on the current stable version, resulted in a blank white page on my community dashboard and my profile. Oh well. Can you update to a working version for 1.2.x for me to try out?...


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