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I thought things were working better in mobile mode, which in this case is about Safari on an iPad, but still see some things that seems to work differently than expected.

I say that looking at:

Pic 1 - Home Page list, in mobile mode (fewer menu labels in toolbar) and things are where you expect them to be. This means to me: although the display is in mobile mode, various icons are shown in "desktop locations" because the space is available and the layout does not need to get folded. All good!

Pic 2 - that same Post from the Home Page at the Post level now shows the status icons and Post Type on the left and on their own lines, while there is just as much space available in the container width as on the Home Page. I expect these would start folding only once the container width does not have enough space any longer, but not here.

Pic 3 - this is desktop mode on ipad on Safari, but also happens in a normal browser on a PC. Here too, the icons get their own line for no reason and should be located in the same locations as they are on the Home Page.

On the Home Page, the New Icon - Post Title and status icons are all on the same line and ED5 will truncate the title IF the container width is reduced if a user is resizing the browser window.

Should it not work the same way for the page that shows just the Post itself?

It would look better and avoid using up vertical space for nearly no information. That already happens, logically, on some other lines, such as the Tags and favorite areas. There is no need to do this for the Title line at the Post level, when there is plenty of container width to use and avoid it!

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