FULL TEXT Index problem...

Michel Dube premium EasyDiscuss Tuesday, March 27 2012, 03:38 AM

I just tried to use a painless MySQL Database cloud service that is called XEROUND at http://www.xeround.com

The only problem I encountered is when I tried to import my Joomla DB that contains 3 tables (in EasyBlog and EasyDiscuss Components) with FULL TEXT INDEX KEYS

(_easyblog_twitter_microblog - _discuss_posts - _discuss_tags).

FULL TEXT INDEX are only supported with MyISAM tables.

MyISAM is cool for small sites that could be easily recovered manually when a server crashed.

INNODB is better to recover big databases on normal server crashes but when we switch to cloud services where recovering data is never a walk in the park, INNODB or better is a must.

This being said, you should know that MyIsam is going to lose popularity and that INNODB and XEROUND specific Engine don't support FULL TEXT INDEX.

So now, is there a way to make both EasyBlog and EasyDiscuss InnoDB compliant?

What should I do?

Thank you very much to pay attention to my request.




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