EasyBlog 3.0.5965 Beta

Sam support EasyBlog Wednesday, September 21 2011, 07:19 PM
<p>Hey everyone, today we released another EasyBlog 3.0 BETA with version 3.0.5965 which addressed various reported issues from the previes 3.0 beta. You can download this new beta installer from this thread. Before you proceed with the testing there are a couple of things we would like to clarify first.<br /><br />This Beta installer only went through internal testing and have not gone through a thorough test. We strongly advise you to only run this installation on a test site or a development site. On a side note this version will not be compatible with all the old versions of modules and plugins.<br /><br />For Joomla 1.7 users, please download the installer with the name 'com_easyblog_pro_3.0.5965_joomla1.6.zip'. Also, please enable the option 'Enable send error logs to stackideas' from your EasyBlog backend under setting -&gt; workflow -&gt; general -&gt; error logging so that when you are testing this beta release and encounter issues, EasyBlog will log the error in our bug tracking server.<br /><br />Happy testings and thanks for all the feedback from you guys :)</p>


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