EasyBlog 3.0 Beta

Sam support EasyBlog Wednesday, September 14 2011, 07:34 PM
<p>Hey everyone, We are proud to announce that the long awaited EasyBlog 3.0 is available for beta testing. You can download the beta installer from this thread. Before you proceed with the testing there are a couple of things we would like to clarify first.</p>
<p>This Beta installer only went through internal testing and have not gone through a thorough test. We strongly advise you to only run this installation on a test site or a development site. On a side note this version will not be compatible with all the old versions of modules and plugins. So please download the modules package from this thread as well.</p>
<p>For Joomla 1.7 users, please download the installer with the name 'com_easyblog_pro_3.0.5834_joomla1.6.zip'. Also, please enable the option 'Enable send error logs to stackideas' from your EasyBlog backend under setting -&gt; workflow -&gt; general -&gt; error logging so that when you are testing this beta release and encounter issues, EasyBlog will log the error in our bug tracking server.</p>
<p>Happy testings and hope that you will enjoy one of the biggest releases of EasyBlog since the initial release.</p>
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<p>New Features:<br />======================================================<br />+ Added login button in frontend toolbar menu.        <br />+ Support JComment in recent comments module.<br />+ Support JomComment in recent comments module.<br />+ Added option to hide content in latest post module.<br />+ Added title in emails for new blog post creation.<br />+ Added Option to auto fill meta description.<br />+ Allow admin to assign joomla user groups into team blogs.<br />+ Added LinkedIn Likes button.<br />+ Added microblogging support from Twitter posts.<br />+ Added microblogging via email.<br />+ Added point integrations for Jomsocial when adding a new comment and removing a comment.<br />+ Added a "New Post" button in the main dashboard area that links to create a new blog post.<br />+ Allow admin to add category exclusions for the front page blog listings.<br />+ Added configuration to toggle quick posting display.<br />+ Added local video support using JW Player.<br />+ Automatically generate a separate thumbnail during image uploads.<br />+ Added preview of images in a lightbox format.<br />+ Added location support in blog creation.<br />+ Added settings to require user to be logged in to read full post.<br />+ Addded new Media Manager.<br />+ Image manager now supports normal file extensions such as pdf,doc,xls and etc.<br />+ Added joomla user group access control on categories.<br />+ Added option to allow bloggers to post into LinkedIn when centralized option is enabled.<br />+ Allow admin to specify the default category from backend. This default category will be automatically selected when creating blog post.<br />+ Added RSS to blog posts importer.<br />+ Added 'WordPress for Joomla!' migrator in backend.<br />+ Allow admin to specify the limit through the menu parameters when creating EasyBlog menu items.<br />+ It is now possible to preview blog posts without publishing or saving it first.<br />+ Added 'top' position for social buttons.<br />+ Added integration on user profile link to Commnunity Builder's profile page.<br />+ Allow Admin to specify which tags to be used by default if no tags are chosen in new post creation.<br />+ Allow comment poster to auto subscribe to notifications of the blog.<br />+ Updated blogger and category layout to be more presentable.<br />+ Added configuration to change comment themes.<br />+ Added new default theme for comments.<br />+ Renamed old default theme to Aero.<br />+ Added optional settings to display or hide blogger's breadcrumb in entry view.<br />+ Added option to allow bloggers to post into Twitter when centralized option is enabled.<br />+ Added 'imagewall' module which display images from blog posts.<br />+ Added integrations with Zemanta.<br />+ Allow admin to manage the mail pool.<br />+ Simplified the search toolbar to allow users to quickly search for blog posts.<br />+ Added JomComment migration for Joomla articles and MyBlog.<br />+ Allow viewing of multiple categories within the categories menu.<br />+ Allow viewing of multiple categories within the frontpage menu.<br />+ Added StumbleUpon social button integrations.<br />+ Added various integrations with MightyTouch.  <br />+ Added avatar integrations with Anahita.<br />+ Added integrations with PhocaPDF (Joomla 1.6 and above)<br />+ Added one-click updater for easy component updating.<br />+ Added center alignment when embedding images.<br />+ Added integration with Google Maps.<br />+ Added `mod_latestblogs` module.<br />+ Added Google authorship.<br />+ Added Google profiles.<br />+ Added full RTL languages support.<br />+ Added option to allow bloggers to post into Facebook when centralized option is enabled.<br />+ Added new Bubbles theme.<br />+ Added error logging option from backend.<br />+ Added teaser image feature.<br />+ Added backend blogs sorting on hits.<br />+ Allow blogger to specify the google adsense position on the blog content.<br />+ Added Apply button on write new page.<br />+ Allow to configure zero as singular or plural form.<br />+ Added review tab on dashboard for user's pending review posts.<br />+ Added optional setting for language translation on URLs.<br /><br />Fixes:<br />======================================================<br />^ Fixed missing featured icon.<br />^ Fixed blog rating styling.<br />^ Re-styled category selection in write new blog page.<br />^ Re-styled various frontend interface.<br />^ Fixed various styling issues for Joomla 1.6 and Joomla 1.7<br />^ Added version to CSS and JS for scripts to prevent caching issues.<br />^ Fixed version display info in a proper way in backend.<br />^ Removed introtext field. Now use Read More to separate intro text and blog content.<br />^ When creating a menu item for single blog entry layout, show dialog popup for the blog posts selection.<br />^ Added activity into JomSocial's activity stream when a new blog post is featured.<br />^ Reorganized main menu items at backend.<br />^ Fixed blogger listing by displaying featured blogger first.<br />^ Fixed where blog post date offset incorrect when error occuring during saving and when the page prefilled with previous data.<br />^ Fixed where sh404sef sef_ext shouldn't translate the search query.<br />^ Fixed sh404sef to give meaningful permalink instead of timestamp when the blog post no longer exists.<br />^ Fixed query checking on DB tables in the installer.<br />^ Fixed installer to remove the sql command that might lead to mysql timeout when the db user do not have the right to execute the commands.<br />^ Fixed image checking in link sharing.<br />^ Fixed latest blogger module breaking site template if the biography contain unclosed html tag caused by truncation.<br />^ Fixed YouTube video embed link.<br />^ Fixed sh404sef where only valid views from EasyBlog get translated.<br />^ Fixed unclosed tags in German language file.<br />^ Fixed featured image so that it get from introtext too.<br />^ Fixed router itemid if no itemid found, try to get the default 'home' menu item.<br />^ Fixed router to return proper permalink when blogger no longer exists in the system.<br />^ Fixed in user plugin if passed in data was an object, converts it into array back for processing.<br />^ Fixed where onBeforeDisplayContent being triggered twice.<br />^ Respect privacy settings of JomSocial's activity stream<br />^ Fixed jmodel not found issue in helper.<br />^ Fixed xmap plugin the modified date display incorrectly.<br />^ Fixed pagebreak plugin now compatible with Joomla 1.6.<br />^ Fixed ratings not respecting logged in user.<br />^ Fixed LinkedIn integration errors.<br />^ Fixed support links from backend settings page.<br />^ Fixed backend insert links on new blog creation page.<br />^ Users can now view who rated the blog posts.<br />^ Fixed various cosmetic issues on frontend and backend.<br />^ Fixed showcase module where the module shouldn't display when there's no entries at all.<br />^ Fixed issues with 3rd party SEF components when redirect non-www to www is enabled.<br />^ Display guest voters as well when showing who voted on the blog post.<br />^ Fixed RTL support in dashboard themes.<br />^ Fixed saving user profile that messed up the user joomla groups.<br />^ Fixed tagInput not cleared after tag has been created.<br />^ Various themes UI fixes.<br />^ Added search for bloggers.<br />^ Fixed various translations issues.<br />^ Fixed various Javascript issues with IE.<br />^ Refined comment form layout by adding the Aero styling.<br />^ Fixed missing translations and incorrect approval links.<br />^ Upgraded jQuery to 1.6.3.<br />^ Fixed viewing by tags header.<br />^ Fixed list heading in dashboard.<br />^ Fixed issues with tabbing in author info.<br />^ Fixed recent comment list icons in hako theme.<br />^ Fixed calendar the link showing incorrect day.<br />^ Fixed password protected the return url shouldn't make xml compilance.<br />^ Fixed comment reply link toggle.<br />^ Simplified the sql in recent comment in blog post listing page.<br />^ Fixed missing images for readmore button.<br />^ Fixed search plugin should respect the search areas option.</p>
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