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Aidan Cougnlan Aidan Cougnlan USER posted:
on Thursday, February 23 2012, 07:09 AM in EasyBlog
Hi guys,

It seems like quite a lot of blog posts are short & sweet , just quickly announcing something, pointing out a websites, uploading a photo, sharing a link to a video on youtube etc. etc... with a paragraph or two of text.

As you know from other posts, I've been frustrated for many months looking for an "easy" way for our casual site users to post Blog posts (mostly short ones like those above) .... especially when there is anything more than text involved. I know you are working on updates to the Media Manager, which I am really looking forward to.... but how about also implementing something like the "SHARE A LINK" feature in facebook ? ie. targetted at making it really, really easy to post short blogs of this sort. Kind of a mini-CCK for constructing blog posts of this type via Easyblog. It wouldn't suit every purpose, but would be fantastic for those situations where it does suit.

Check out the "SHARE" feature on facebook if you're not familiar with it.

Just a thought ....

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