Comments ACL - Permissions error

Tom Seldon user EasyBlog Friday, February 24 2012, 09:37 PM
I'm having some problems moderating comments in the front end dashboard. When logged in as a super-user, I can edit and delete comments without issue, apart from getting the following errors in the console:

Refused to set unsafe header "Content-length"
Refused to set unsafe header "Connection"

However, when logged in as a user in the 'Staff' group, it doesn't work. I have set permissions in the back end ACL that allows this group to moderate comments and when logged in the front end I can see the buttons to edit / delete, however they do not work.

When pressing edit, nothing happens at all; no errors (apart from unsafe header errors above) and no edit box. When pressing delete, I'm presented with a confirmation box and if I confirm I want to delete the comment, the page reloads and I get the error:

(!) Not allowed here

Have I missed something in the settings or is my installation just broken?




Sorry, but you need a valid subscription to access the files