Komento Free version will be retired

  Mark Komento

Komento Free version will be retired

It is unfortunate that I have to announce this but starting from today, Komento will no longer be provided for Free. There are a couple of reasons behind this move but we have no choice but to end the support for the free version of Komento.

Here's why we have decided to retire the free version:

Expectations from free users

We tried to manage the expectations from users who downloaded Komento for free for the past 6 months but it didn't turn out well. We have been constantly abused by words from users who downloaded the free version and demanded that we help them to fix their site. They also threatened to post a bad review on the JED for not assisting them.


Unfair for other paying users

Because of these users who took heavy advantage of our awesome support, this caused more backlogs to Komento tickets and it is unfair to users with an active subscription.


It's becoming costly

All 3rd party extensions which are compatible with Komento are also constantly being updated hence it will be rather expensive for us to bear all cost for Komento development :( Therefore it will be of tremendous help for Komento users to contribute into our project, so we can continue exploring the possibilities to further improve with each release. 


Let's welcome Komento 3.0

Also, I would like to take this opportunity to share with you guys that works are already underway for Komento 3.0 into making it much more robust with extremely beautiful and modern UI with performance optimization. You could post your suggestions or feedback on our Feature request page on what should be improved on 3.0


Thank you for understanding and I would like to take this opportunity to Thank users who have been actively supporting the project. Komento 3.0 will be the best release ever :)

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  • Sabih

    about 1 week ago

    It makes me sad seeing people can not appreciate something that is free. On the other hand your products and support are outstanding. Therefor it is totally reasonable to get paid.

  • Mark

    In reply to: Sabih about 1 week ago

    Yeah, too unfortunate. Not an easy decision to make but we have to. Thanks for understanding, much appreciated.

  • Paul Murray

    about 1 week ago

    Yes sad news indeed but 100% understandable! What I also find hard to understand is that Komento is the simplest of all Stackideas components by a long shot. Even as a paying subscriber I have required almost zero support for it!!! IMHO it is as easy as it gets :p

    To be honest I do not really know what I would want from Komento 03. All I know is that Easy Discuss is overkill for my site at the moment and that any thing that will tie conversations together in EB & ES be that a commenting system or a light weight discussion system?!?!...maybe one and the same? Would be good?

    One last thing. Maybe rename it Easy Komento :D

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  • Benoit Gonneville Damme

    about 1 week ago

    I support that move 100%, you guys should not have to endure those kind of behavior.

    Also, I'll add it in the suggestion page, but I think you guys have all it takes now to transform Komento into the best Reviewing component on the market! Add review feature and Komento is a one stop component for using it with Zoo or other CCK.

    Dooooo it ;-)


  • Mark

    about 1 week ago

    Thanks mate! This is just what we need and therefore, http://stackideas.com/blog/easysocial-2-0-alpha-available-now :)

  • Josh Lewis

    about 1 week ago

    While I really enjoy free stuff, I completely agree with this move. :) I've seen people unfairly review free extensions that were well supported due to them not getting extensive support (unearned). Support and quality extensions is more important in the long run. It was quite gracious of you guys to have Komento free all these years, I still think that it did help bring in public awareness to Stackideas which is a good thing. :D I remember using Komento before version 1.0 and being extremely excited about how well it functioned compared with the other comment extensions.

  • Mark

    In reply to: Josh Lewis about 1 week ago

    Thanks for your support Josh, greatly appreciated. This is just one of the hardest decision for us to make but with the way things are turning out and the expectations of "free extensions", we had to :(

  • Sam Famma

    about 6 days ago

    Giving something for nothing always opens the doors for free loaders that exhaust you financially and mentally. Stacks has premium products and service so if they want both they should be paying for it. Holding stacks for ransom is unfair play. For every bad comment I see posted on Jed I will reply with a good comment and the rest of the faithful should do the same.

  • Mark

    In reply to: Sam Famma about 6 days ago

    We are actually requesting the JED to switch Komento to Paid instead of Free but the ticket hasn't been answered yet. I guess most of them are pretty occupied but when they make the switch, all good and bad reviews would be removed.

    It's a good fresh start for Komento and for us to proof that we deserve better :)

  • Sam Famma

    In reply to: Mark about 6 days ago

    Mark I have worked with many extensions and developers over the years, in my books your on the very top of the list in product design, functionality, customer interaction and service. You definitely deserve respect you have earned it.

    The people that like to take advantage of others never get anywhere in life. Stick to your guns and let them pay if they want Stack products.

  • Mark

    In reply to: Sam Famma about 6 days ago

    Amazing, this is what keeps us going :) People who understands and appreciates!

    Thank you guys!

  • Marc Bills

    about 5 days ago

    I believe that free must be free.....its something offered with no guarantees and you can use it (or not) at your own preference.
    And just like you, we have been burnt with "free" offerings which end up absorbing pretty much all of your available time and resources. The mind-set out there seems to be "its free, so so I expect all the support to be free too. But if you expect me to pay, I won't use your product!"

    Stackideas, you don't need to offer any of your products for free.
    If its good enough to use on a professional website, its good enough to pay for. And your products fit the bill.
    I run a professional business.....I gladly pay for quality products because my business depends on the products you build.

  • Mark

    In reply to: Marc Bills about 5 days ago

    Thanks for your insights on this Marc, it is very fortunate to know that most of you also share the same idea that we have :)

    Thank you!

  • Philidia

    17 hours ago

    I have a question about this Komento 3.0. In the past, I posted on the boards an issue with the reply button, that vanishes when we reach the max level of replying. The answer was that the way Komento is coded doesn't allow to have this button at the max level. So, do you plan to change "the base" of Komento, or is it only an evolution of what's already existing?

    I'm asking because it's for me the less ergonomic thing in Komento, and people on my website reported it many time, because it forces them to go back the previous level of reply to add an answer below the comment they want to answer, and can't allow a good notifications/activities section, since people don't know when someone replied to their comment. If not, I just hope a "Quote" button can do the job instead of a reply button (I posted it on the voices a while ago).

    About the end of the free version, well... I'm still surprised that you provide support for people who didn't pay for it. Not saying it's a bad thing, because you probably got people telling you it's awesome to have a support for something free, but that's like the basics of a life. We often forget that something we don't pay for still has cost behind, and we can't abuse it.

  • Mark

    In reply to: Philidia 15 hours ago

    Komento 3 will have a revamp in the data structure optimized for performance. There is a limitation to the current data structure which in my opinion is not at it's best, it could be better.

    In short, we are going to refactor rather than feature punch Komento as it already has so many features in it. In fact, we plan to remove some of these unused features to avoid confusions.

  • Philidia

    In reply to: Mark 15 hours ago

    Ok :)

    So basically, it means that we aren't going to see new features in Komento 3, and some of them will disappear?

  • Mark

    In reply to: Philidia 15 hours ago

    There could be some usable features but most of the priority will be on performance optimization and removal of bloated stuffs, including the foundry js :)