EasySocial and JoomForest Connecto

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EasySocial and JoomForest Connecto

Stack Ideas is yet again privilege to have friends from JoomForest to build beautiful template, called JF Connecto template. 

JF Connecto template features: 

  • Unlimited colors, where you can easily change theme colors.
  • Google WebFont, where you can attach any Google font and to apply it on any HTML tag.
  • A toolbar for popup notification, which can be very useful for getting the attention of users and providing them news.
  • Toolbar animation effect, where you can edit slide texts and it comes with 7 different animation effects. 
  • Inbuilt responsive image slideshow.


On top of that, they have some great tools to enhance your social networking site such as JF Botton Panel and JF Login Pro. 

JF Botton Panel


You can enable or disable avatar, name, points, notifications, menu items and etc.


JF Login Pro


You can enable or disable avatar, points, notifications and etc.



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Valid till June 16th, 2016. 

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  • Josh Lewis

    about 3 months ago

    I couldn't find the EasySocial demo version for that template. Do you guys know where it is located?

  • Guest - Paul E

    about 3 months ago
  • Sylvie

    In reply to: Guest - Paul E about 3 months ago

    Thanks for helping Paul ;)

  • Guest - jade

    about 3 months ago

    hi all products of joomforest are great :)
    But support department is not up to the mark :( it takes too long to get reply from developer
    joomforest if you hear my voice, please upgrade the support system too :) so more people join premium club

  • JoomForest

    In reply to: Guest - jade about 3 months ago


    thank you very much,
    we provide support only on our "Support Forum"

    Best Regards,

    Comment last edited on about 3 months ago by JoomForest