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Some of the awesome commenting system sites powered by Komento
Komento - Ka Pao Community

Ka Pao Community

Ka Pao is a great source of information for anyone to explore about the Maorian community in New Zealand, from doing business to find the best tourism spots.

Komento - KinderJet Family Travel

KinderJet Family Travel

KinderJet is a great travel resources site that you can trust in planning for the ideal family holiday trips.

Komento - Joomla Sverige

Joomla Sverige

JoomlaSverige is a Swedish community site for its Joomla users. It shares useful tips and a great place for fans and users to exchange ideas.

Komento - French Rental Holidays

French Rental Holidays

Experience the ideal country life in a traditional French setting offered by French Rental Holidays. Stay at the Longère Louise and soak in the air of a unique rural retreat in France.

Komento - Portal Gestão

Portal Gestão

Portal Gestão is the place to go for business management ideas, tools and e-learning. Here you can get all the knowledge and inspiration you need to start or grow your business.

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