RELEASE Introducing PayPlans 4.2. Joomla 4 Support, Yootheme Pro, SP Page Builder integrations and a whole lot more! 🚀


PayPlans 4.2.0 Beta


ES User Header

Removing Reactions and keeping Live only!

Removing Specific item types from Activity Stream!

Android App Idea for Group or Team of people

Minor comments layout issue on mobile

No username in User Action Logs

Is there a way to remove the user id from the profile URL?

a notification on a message lead to an error page

Implement a modern mechanism of notifications

Single Category Layout in module

ES No Longer Possible To Set Categories For Albums

Counter on the Virtuemar product page & Category?

Bug in Koment's Control Panel (tabs not working)

Demo of PayPlans not functional

Pop Up Windows Set up

Group/Event Discussion Interface and Workflows need improving

Timeline filtering and preferences need improvement

Update to 4.1.5 do not works

Facebook like Marketplace for groups

Adding a title to a photo in the story upload form

Support is

The support team is online and will be able to answer your inquiries. Please stay calm, follow the rules and do not cross post.

We will attend to you as soon as we can.

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