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PayPlans Terminology

PayPlans terminology are the basic terms used in PayPlans. PayPlans comes to you with lots of features and exceptional functionalities, but it's utilization would become easier for you when you understand the fundamentals embedded in each terminology and relationships between them.

PayPlans Structure

Setup Check-list:

Setup Check-list, lists the entities which should be correctly installed for proper working of PayPlans. It can be seen in back-end PayPlans -> Configuration. If there is any error then on tool-tip it provides the details.

Back-end Dashboard:

This is the screen which visualizes you the counter of your sales, revenue, active and expired subscription(s). Graph shown Sales and Revenue


Plans are the services which you want to offer to your customer for certain period of time for certain amount. According to which, if a customer selects a plan, the customer will get certain facilities embedded with the plan. You can create various plans differing in their cost and services which you wish to provide.


Groups provide you the facility to categorize your plans according to their types. You can put similar plans in a single group.(for using it you need to enable it in PayPlans -> Configuration)


When you select a plan to get the services provided with it, it is said as subscribing the plan. When you subscribe the plan, a subscription is created at the back-end of the website and shows that you should be given the services for the specified duration of time.


Invoices are receipts of the plans, subscribed by you. They contain the total amount which you should pay to activate the subscription of plan selected by you.


It acts similar to your original wallet. Whenever you pay for your subscription, the amount is stored in wallet and, then the amount is directly deducted from the wallet itself. It also displays the current amount you have.


They contain the actual notifications which arrive from the payment gateway(s).


Basic purpose of logs is to show you the date and time of occurance of every event on your back-end. In other words, they keep track of your activities over your PayPlans kit.


Apps are required to provide integration with various other extensions. For example, various payment gateways like PayPal, Authorize.Net, etc. PayPal app is there for integration with PayPal payment gateway. And various other apps are available for the similar purpose.