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  • PayPlans integration with Gate2Shop support Fixed, Recurring and Recurring + Trial1 type of plans.

  • Gate2Shop app supports these currencies : AUD, CAD, CHF, DKK, EUR, GBP, NOK, SEK, USD.

Steps to configure Gate2Shop app of PayPlans

Step 1 : Install and Gate2Shop App from PayPlans AppStore and create its app instance.

Step 2 : Gate2Shop app specific parameters in Parameters section are described as follows-

  • Merchant Site ID : Provided By Gate To Shop.

  • Merchant ID : Provided By Gate To Shop.

  • Secret Key : Provided By Gate To Shop.

  • API Version : Currently 3.0.0.

  • Random Key : Any random key of your choice.

  • Rebilling Product and Plan Mapping : We have used this mapping because G2S Provide Recurring(Rebilling as g2s) as Hosted services and we must have to send some required information for creating a membership at g2s. So, that required information you have to fill in this section.

  • Plan : Select a plan which you have created in PayPlans.

  • Product ID & Template ID : When you creates a Rebilling product at g2s then you will get a Product and a Template ID. Enter those in respective boxes.

Read Setup Instructions carefully before saving app instance.

Step 3 : Click on Save or Save & Close button to save app instance.

Step 4 : When user subscribe a plans and then user will be able to select Gate2Shop payment method on Invoice Confirm page.

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General Issues in Gate2Shop

QUES 1 Why we need to configure Rebilling Product and Plan Mapping?

ANS Suppose you have created a rebilling planA at g2s and got “ProductA” as Product ID and “TemplateA” as Template ID. Now, according to g2s you must have to send Product and Template ID in your Payment Request. But, at your site there are some plans created using, with no Product and Template ID and both are must to send with payment request. So, using this you can map a g2s rebilling plan with a plan of your site.

QUES 2 Recurring Cancellation notification not receiving in PayPlans, what to do?

ANS If you are going to cancel any recurring membership form your merchant account of G2S then, you must have to cancel that membership from your payplans also because G2S doesn’t send any notification on cancellation of a membership.

Ponits to be noted for Rebilling of plans

Using Gate2Shop payment gateway with Recurring plans you must have to follow some conditions : -

  1. Be Ensure about Configuration of Rebilling Plans at your Merchant Account and at your PayPlans back-end must be same in all aspects means if you have created a rebilling plan say ”Plan1” at merchant account with amount of 20 $ and at your site you have created a plan for “Plan1(Rebilling Plan at G2S)” with amount of 10 $. This will creates issues. For clearance you must have to create plan of same amount as at G2S.

  2. Be Ensure while you are going to fill mapping of PayPlans Plan, Template Id and Product Id. You can find Template and Product Ids from Your Merchant account -> Products -> List Rebilling Plans.

Template Id : Template id given by G2S when you create a rebilling plan.

Product Id : Product id given by you as Rebilling Product Name when you create a rebilling plan.