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There are lots of custom fields that you can use to customize your site. Here, you will learn on these fields and how to configure them.
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Birthday Field

EasySocial comes with a wide variety of configuration options that allows you to quickly customize most of the behavior of EasySocial. In this section, we'll briefly guide you with the Birthday Field. To access this custom field, you will need to navigate to Joomla > Components > EasySocial > Profile Types > (Choose any profile) > Custom Fields.


You may configure the birthday field to use calendar by enabling Calendar Mode and you may also limit the starting year of your calendar by entering the desired year at From year.

Basic Settings


  • Age limit - Set the minimum age limit allowed to register.
  • Placeholder - Specify the field's placeholder here.
  • Input format - Select the date format that you like to use in the form.
  • From year - Set the starting year range.
  • To year - Set the ending year range.
  • Allow year privacy - If enabled, this field will add a separate privacy settings to the year field for user to decide privacy settings for the year separately.
  • Calendar Mode - Specify if the field should use calendar mode.
  • Calendar Language - Specify if the calendar language should use English or follow site's language.

Core Settings


  • Title - Set a title for your field. The value here can be a language string and it will be translated when being displayed.
  • Description - Set a description for your field. The value here can be a language string and it will then be translated when being displayed.
  • Show Title - To display the title for this field, set to Yes.
  • Show Description - To display the description for this field, set to Yes.
  • Required - Setting a field as required will ensure that user needs to enter a value for this field.

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