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There are lots of custom fields that you can use to customize your site. Here, you will learn on these fields and how to configure them.
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Address Field

EasySocial comes with a wide variety of configuration options that allows you to quickly customize most of the behavior of EasySocial. In this section, we'll briefly guide you with the Address Field. To access this custom field, you will need to navigate to Joomla > Components > EasySocial > Profile Types > (Choose any profile) > Custom Fields.




  • Data Source - Specify the data source of countries and states for address field.
  • Data Sort - Specify the sorting order for data.
  • Use Maps - Specify if the field should use Google Maps feature.



  • Title - Set a title for your field. The value here can be a language string and it will be translated when being displayed.
  • Description - Set a description for your field. The value here can be a language string and it will then be translated when being displayed.
  • Show Title - To display the title for this field, set to Yes.
  • Show Description - To display the description for this field, set to Yes.



  • Geocode Address - If this option is enabled, the app will geocode user's address and get coordinates for the address.
  • Use in Friend Suggest - Enable this field for friend suggest matching.
  • Unique Key - Set the unique key of this field
  • Searchable - If a field is set to searchable, other users would be able to search for this field for the user.
  • Privacy - Display privacy options.



  • Require Address For Maps - Determines if the address is required when using the maps for the address field.

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