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How to Setting Up EasyBlog Event Blogging with JomSocial

How to setting up EasyBlog Event Blog with JomSocial? Here are the steps which you can take to setting this up.


NOTE: Your site must have EasyBlog and JomSocial component installed.
NOTE: You will need to purchase this plugin, which you can do so here.

Step 1

Firstly, you need to check whether EasyBlog Event Blog plugin is installed on your site. If this plugin is not installed, you can download this from dashboard. Once you have download this plugin, you can install it through Extension Manager on your site. Joomla > Extensions > Extension Manager.

Step 2

Next step, you need to enable the plugin. Go to Joomla > Extensions > Plugin Manager > System - Event Blogs. Turn on this plugin, and you can do some configuration here.

JomSocial EasyBlog Event Blog

  • Total blogs - Set the number of blog posts to be displayed by default.
  • Truncate blog text - Set the number of characters to appear in the blog listing. Set it to 0 to disable truncation.
  • Show ratings - Show ratings in the blog listings.
  • Show RSS - Show rss in the blog listings.
  • Avatar display - Choose the avatar display.
  • Show author - Show author in the blog listings.
  • Show contents - Show blog contents.
  • Show category - Show blog category.
  • Date format - Set the date format to be used in the blog listings.

Step 3

Here in this step, you can see how this EasyBlog Event Blog will looks like on your site.

JomSocial EasyBlog Event Blog Display

So now lets create a blog for this event. Notice a setting button on the cover image. Click on that button and it will display this list of options. Please choose New Blog Post to create the blog. You will be redirected to EasyBlog Composer and you can start writing your blog post there.

JomSocial EasyBlog Event Blog Display

Step 4

Next, after you have done composing your blog and want to publish it, please do remember to check this option. Click on Associations and you will see the JomSocial's Event listing. Please choose the Event which you want the blog to be posted into.

JomSocial EasyBlog Event Blog Composer Setting

Step 5

Here in this step, you now can publish the blog to your event. Here is the result of your blog on your JomSocial Event.

JomSocial EasyBlog Event Blog Display