Unleash the monster with this new Joomla template

Unleash the monster with this new Joomla template

The title might sounds a bit cheesy, but personally I believe this is what this Joomla template do to your site. Christen as 'JM-Startup', the template from Joomla-Monster.com gives you a fresh and professional look without much of a setting up to do. 


Not only is the template responsive, it also comes support Google fonts. You can use any Google fonts with this template, making it easy for you to set it up for your startup company. The template also provides numerous ready made custom modules that you can simply replace with your data as well as you may find helpful all used extensions.

Support EasyBlog


Most startup company do need the option to blog about their products, development phase and anything in between. JM-Startup supports EasyBlog, which makes it an awesome template that is a must for any startups. For those of you who happens to stumble upon this entry and have no idea what I am talking about; EasyBlog is one of the best Joomla!'s blogging component. You can get more info about EasyBlog via their Feature page

For the Designers out there

For you geeks out there, JM-Startup supports Bootstrap framework, LESS, HTML5 and CSS3. Yes, I can imagine the smile on the designers out there. Imagine the wonderful stuffs that you guys can do with this template! :)

...but wait, there's more!

We were informed that by purchasing this template now, you will receive not only the template's installer (and everything relevant to it), but you will also obtain 3 extra extensions. Yes, you read that right the first time. 3 extra extensions; DJ-MegaMenuDJ-MediaTools and DJ-Suggester. These 3 extensions are powerful extensions that can and will helps you to develop powerful websites. Though these 3 are commercial extensions, the people in Joomla Monster have decided to provide it for free along with this templates. I'd suggest for you all to grab this awesome Joomla! template while the offer is still up. :)


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