The StackIdeas Super Sale!

The StackIdeas Super Sale!

Yep, you got it right. We're running this Super Sale with a handsome 30% discount storewide!

This is not JUST another sale. We're cooking up something -- something HUGE. And this huge thing will appear in our website very soon! *hint* *hint* So, before it comes, we want to build excitement in you with a sale.

As you may be aware, we will be releasing the awesomely new EasyBlog 3.0, (no, this is not the huge thing, false alarm) so we hope you take this advantage within this 3 days to get all our products at 30%-off. Don't worry, you will also be entitled for free upgrade to EasyBlog 3.0 when it is launched, rest assured.

Click on the blue button to start shopping!

Remember to use the coupon code STACKSALE30 before confirming your purchase. OFFER HAS ENDED.


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  1. warut

this news is sound great but not for me because i just subscription for easyblog this week after know that subscription plan will change the price after version 3.0 released, 5 day later 30% discount was lunched :( .

This promotion can use with professional bundle easyblog and easydiscuss at the same price i just subscription.

how every I still waiting the excite new 3.0 and huge thing that will appear :D

  1. Jack

Hey Warut,

Sorry about that :( We don't really have any exact time frame on when we are going to push for a promotion but as a token of appreciation, log a ticket with us at and we'll upgrade you to the Professional bundle without any charges incurred. You will however, need to provide us with your order reference number so we can look it up in our database.

  1. Wolfgang Kühn

oh late..... grrree:(

  1. Jack

Hey Wolle,

No problem :) Email us at and we'll see if we can hook you up with something!

  1. Wolfgang Kühn    Jack

mail is coming

  1. Jack    Wolfgang Kühn

Thanks! Replied you :)

  1. warut

Hi jack,

Just say thanks for upgrade, after testing EasyDiscuss it work very well with simple interface but full functional. How about Easyblog 3.0 Is it close to release? I see many report in forum wish you can solve and release it soon.

  1. Jack

Hey Warut,

EasyBlog 3.0 is actually already released :p We'll be pushing for another update for bug fixes.

  1. subodh

any discounts currently available??

  1. Andrew Rogers

Hi Subodh, there are no promotions for now. How about writing to us at sales for a possibility? ;)

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