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New Logos for StackIdeas' Joomla Extensions

New Logos for StackIdeas' Joomla Extensions

Presenting to you the new logos for our Joomla! extensions.

Throughout these years, we have been trying to ensure that our product logo's do not look disintegrated from one another. Well, it did worked out for us for a little while, if you can recall the Origami-ish logo that we made for EasyBlog, EasyDiscuss and SectionEx (Hint: The ones on the front page)

After the release of Komento, we have toyed around with a couple of ideas and decided to update our existing products with a new logo so that they look much more integrated.

Let us know what do you think of these new logos =)

P/S: Can you guess which logo belongs to which of our extensions?


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Blue! Why isn't SectionEx blue? It would also make a better fit color wise with the Stack Ideas logo.

Other than that the new logos look awesome =)

Haha, it was actually done on purpose There's a missing block for the puzzle above

Nice logo's
They look simple and fresh, but the're very nice to see.
Nice colors too!
Great job!

Mark - What's the missing part of the puzzle????????

Hendrik, You'll be able to see it soon

will it be an m? or c?

Haha, why m or c?

m like mobile or c like community ;)
But that certainly just reflects what I dream of...

EasyBlog logo is GREAT!
Discuss a little bit worse, but also nice.
Komento have borders rounded from every side, like plaster from first aid, so it not match the rest.
SectionEx color is weird. And I like old one much better and guess you just save blue for another great product! :)

Overall only EasyBlog logo is nicer than before. And whole set is less integrated than before, so I suggest to improve those three to be good as EasyBlog logo and match this style closer as EasyDiscuss try to do.

Don't think we've forgotten! Any update on the 'missing letter'?!?!

Whilst Hendrik raising the idea of 'Community' got me thinking how AWESOME that would be, I was wondering if it was a (responsive) 'Template' on the way.... Is 'something' still coming?!?!?

Andy, we are unsure about this too Waiting for the information from management

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