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Joomla! Quiz Deluxe

Joomla! Quiz Deluxe (v3.3.2)


Quiz app allows you to integrate Joomla Quiz Deluxe component into EasySocial to let users create quizzes and tests for their friends.

Quiz plugin for EasySocial allows users to share their eLearning achievements with EasySocial community, commenting and supporting each other!

The quiz score, the time spent and a number of attempts will be displayed on community members’ profiles.

Users can organize questions and quizzes by categories.
The quizzes have many settings: several time limits, skipping questions, several templates, email sending, different results view, redirection after the test and others.

Users can create learning paths and unique certificates for the users who pass the test.


Support will be provided by the application or plugin developer.

Version 3.3.2
Author JoomPlace
Website URL https://www.joomplace.com/elearning-extensions/joomla-quiz-deluxe.html
Support URL http://www.joomplace.com/support/helpdesk.html
Compatible With 1.0.x 1.1.x 1.2.x
Last Updated 30th Nov, -0001
Submitted 19th Jun, 2014
Views 5000
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