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Pixel Template

Pixel Template

Pixel template is a professional-looking template that would suit most websites out of the box. The template works out of the box with the following extensions:

- Joomla Articles
- Joomla Contact Form
- EasyBlog
- EasyDiscuss
- EasyArticles
- EasySocial
- PayPlans
- And works with most extensions

Apart from these integrations, Pixel also incorporates the following:

- Quickstart template.
- Powered by the latest version of Helix Ultimate Framework
- Includes JD Builder (Free version) to get you up and running

Check out our demo at http://pixel.stackideas.com
Documentation at http://pixel.stackideas.com/documentation

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Compatibility 3.0.x
Version 1.0.1
Author Mark
Website https://stackideas.com/forums/pixel
Support https://stackideas.com/forums/pixel
Support is provided by the respective developer.
Updated 11th Jun, 2021
Submitted 9th Jun, 2020
Views 2857
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