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PlayStation Network

This app is suitable for any avid gaming or social site that wants to harness activities from PlayStation Network community.

This application will retrieve user's gaming history and trophies from their PlayStation Network account. It will also import recent activities from PlayStation Network generated by the user into your activity stream creating a much richer user experience on the site.

Apart from that, you are able to view all trophies from known games that have already been imported into the site.

EasySocial Cronjob needs to be running so that the app would need to retrieve user's data from the API.

This app is no way endorsed or affiliated with PlayStation Network, PlayStation, Sony and any images or logo used are registered trademarks of their respected owners.

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EasySocial and Steam
Ивайло Вълков, on 19th Feb, 2017
Hi whether it is possible to make such an application and for Steam ?...
Simply Amazing
Fidel Carrera, on 14th Jan, 2017
I run a PS4 esports league for over 3000 members and this app is a game changer for me and it is very reasonably priced. My users can now show their PSN activities on their ES streams which is a feature that any site which supports gamers can benefit from. I highly recommend getting this app if you cater to anyone in the PS4 community....

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Compatibility 2.0.x 2.1.x
Version 2.1.0
Author Mark
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Updated 24th Oct, 2017
Submitted 12th Jan, 2017
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