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EasySocial App by AppCarvers

EasySocial App by AppCarvers

What does the app do?

You can do a lot of stuff that can be done on Easysocial like


Like/Unlike page
View discussion
View albums
View more details about the page
ACL implementation

Post Story


List groups in the network
Search groups
Join Groups
Group details page
View group discussion comments
Like group discussions

List of friends
Add/Remove friend
Friends with filters
Report user

View all the messages
Send messages
Delete messages
Photos and Albums

Create albums
Delete albums
Supports Like
Add photos to albums
Read and Write comments on Album and Photos
Status updates

Text sharing
Photo + Text Sharing
Link Sharing
Mentions And Hashtags support
Post sharing with support for adding polls into the newsfeed
Login and Forget

The app remembers the user on login so that the user does not need to enter their details again

Activity Stream
Activity Stream Display
Added Emojis on activity stream
In App links with optional open in browser support
Photo Zooming
Stream filters

Create Events
Event details page
Events Calendar
Events location
Events album

User registration and Login with Facebook and Google

Video Support
Upload and play videos in the app from the gallery



Block User feature

Manage privacy regarding user information

EasySocial Points

Support for google analytics for list view

Profile editing

Reviews (10)

This company is providing school students quality
Train Train Support, on 26th Mar, 2019
Here is the extract from my complaint on AppCarvers. "I feel very pissed off. Now the 6 months subscription is expired but not even a workable solution yet. For the past 6 months, I just ONLY get a testing Android version and limited/slow response from your side. I have invited your email address to apple developer too but no reply. How could I believe your side is able to delivery customization of around US 3,000?" Fred...
Limited functionalities provide
Train Train Support, on 11th Mar, 2019
The AppCarver App does only provide 70% of the EasySocial functions so far. Mostly simple view and edit, but some detail functions like edit profile, change password, upload video, etc are not provided. Besides, the feedback is very slow. So, if you need further customization that needs extra money....
Rip OFF and HORRID support
Shannon Wendler, on 30th Oct, 2018
I have paid over $300.00 for something that DOES NOT do what it is supposed to do. Did not receive my test version for the branded app when they said I would I had to contact them. The App in the branded version is NO different the only thing that is different is the login. I have been waiting almost 5 days for just acknowledgment as to why my Push Notifications are not working. Almost a week ago they sent me a reply what to do to activate them. Followed instructions to the "T" and still does not work. Works on two tablets but not cell phones. NOW? CRICKETS. One of the main reasons I wanted it branded was for notifications vital for people that are on a phone or tablet. They do not work weekends and in different time zone. So I get replies to the support tickets at 3 am. This has to be the WORST experience I have ever had. I am beginning to regret pumping money into something that is advertised as one thing but after purchase, you realize you are NOT getting what was advertised. I do hope Stack Ideas rethinks using these people for this app. My, advise? FIND SOMEONE ELSE. It is not worth the headache. ...
$300 app ?
Edward Stacey, on 20th Jul, 2018
The word 'FREE' is misleading - it's a $300 app... must be coded in GOLD !...
App tested
Bartek, on 30th Jun, 2018
for 299$ is a joke. ...
Link not working
Jean, on 5th Dec, 2016 This link leads to 404 error page....

The 404 error is fixed. We have redirected the link to the Easysocial app landing page.

— Reply from owner on Monday, 11 September 2017
Good application, do what she have to
Didier Blaise, on 25th Oct, 2016
We use it with Androïd and Ios. Only problem, the documentation is light, and you have to test on your site. And it seem complicate to use the push function. ...
installed and worked perfectly...
Raymon Kabbes, on 25th Sep, 2016
I love the simple and clean layout of both the website and the app... I installed it and it worked right out of the box... great job!!!...
Correction, does work just instructions incomplete.
Michael Martin, on 5th Jan, 2016
The developer's instructions are incomplete. They do not take into account that most of us use security as in HTAccess files which require exceptions to be added in to allow thier api to work. ...
Doesn't work for live site.
Michael Martin, on 5th Jan, 2016
This app only seems to work for their own demo site. I tried to use it on my own site and it doesn't work no matter what I do. Plus to boot they want way to much to have it personalized $500+. All I can say to that is "Puff Puff Pass" must be smoking some good stuff....

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Compatibility 1.0.x 1.1.x 1.2.x 1.3.x 1.4.x 2.0.x 2.1.x
Version 5.5.2
Author AppCarvers
Support is provided by the respective developer.
Updated 30th Nov, 2018
Submitted 6th Jul, 2015
Views 12309
Rating 3 out of 5 (Total of 11 votes) Add Review
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