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ParaInvite the most feature-packed viral invites and marketing solution for Joomla!. It is essentially a 4-in-1 software fit for any website:
1. Contacts and Invites Management
2. Namecards
3. Content Sharing
4. Quick Login

It is completely impossible to fully describe the features of ParaInvite 5, so it's highly recommended that you visit the documentation for a detailed description.

It uses OAuth 2.0, the industry standard for authenticating users on 3rd party services, to import contacts and send invites via six fully supported services: Windows Live Hotmail, Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It is also integrated with OpenInviter to provide additional email services, and supports CSV import and user manual entry.

ParaInvite uses "schemes", a new and completely revolutionary way of creating unlimited types of invites/shares for every part of your website, with fully customizable and multi-language invitation content!

Namecards are mini-profiles that you and your users can customize to display specific and important information related to certain aspects of your site. When your users' friends their namecards and register, they're considered successful invites.

Content Sharing allows your users to recommend and share any type of content and/or page with their friends, which also functions like an invite!

With the Quick Login feature, users can register and/or login to your site with a simple click of a button, using their account details on services like Facebook, Google, Windows Live, LinkedIn and Yahoo.

ParaInvite also displays a user's history of invites (viewable to all), and a complete breakdown of each user's statistics (viewable to administrators).

The Ranking module allows ranking of users based on accepted or sent invites, within a specified time frame (configurable)

Other features include Auto Connections setup, badges, points, and much much more. It's simply too much to list them all here, but here's a quick view:

- Fully responsive design for mobile devices
- Integrates with Google Analytics
- Charts and graphs
- Notifies your users (via ParaInvite's own notification system, email, and JomSocial/EasySocial's notifications) when their invites are accepted
- Allows users to store all unsent contacts so they'll be notified when their friends register at the site
- Send email invites in batches using cron job (for websites with limited hosting)
- Rewards users with points
- Include sending invitations as part of the registration process
- Badges feature which allows your users to place personal badges on their blogs, forums and other websites to promote your site, and getting points in return.
- Namecard feature, which is a URL which your users can leave anywhere they want (forum posts, other websites, emails etc), and when people follow this link, they will view their namecards with a link to register on your site. Namecard invitations are considered a successful valid invitation.
- Allow you to restrict registration to people with valid invitations.
- More! More! More!

Version 5.2.3
Author Mike Feng
Website URL https://www.simbunch.com/products/parainvite
Support URL https://www.simbunch.com/support (Support will be provided by the application or plugin developer)
Compatibility 1.0.x 1.1.x 1.2.x 1.3.x 1.4.x
Last Updated 17th Feb, 2016
Submitted 20th Nov, 2013
Views 6239
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Reviews   (2 reviews)

Easy to configure with great price!
Mitch Daniels, on 20th Feb, 2016
Like the description said, it's essentially 4 products. The step by step documentation makes it very easy to install and set up. Great extension to increase membership and traffic for your site!...
Seamless integration with EasySocial!
Andrea Guerra, on 25th Dec, 2013
Easy installation and works out of the box, ParaInvite does exactly as it says here. More importantly, I really LOVE how this extension integrates with EasySocial. The app displays an "Invite your friends" link right on every user's dashboard and displays ParaInvite within the dashboard, notifies users when their friends join the website and connects them as friends, and lets you configure EasySocial points for sending invites. I had trouble making the EasySocial app display for all users and support was super quick (even if it's Christmas eve!). By the way, to do that you need to configure the app and set Yes to "Default application". Definitely 5 stars!...


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