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JV-LinkDirectory Integration and Apps for EasySocial

JV-LinkDirectory Integration and Apps for EasySocial

JV-LinkDirectory (or JV-LD in short) is a powerful feature rich, SEO optimized, responsive Joomla Directory extension with which you can build directory of website or non-website based listings of all types like Link Directory, Real Estate Directory, Software Downloads Directory, Link Exchange Directory, Coupons Directory etc....

JV-LinkDirectory provides a seamless and powerful integration with EasySocial using apps built for EasySocial.

-------------------- JV-LinkDirectory EasySocial Integration & Apps ----------------

** EasySocial Member Profile App: **
App for EasySocial which displays member links in EasySocial member profile. This app shows recent links of the user in widget, and also shows links owned by the user in profile and dashboard.

** EasySocial App for Favorite Listings: **
This application displays member's favorite links from JV-LinkDirectory in their EasySocial profile for others to see. It also provides a widget in sidebar bottom which displays the title of their favorite links.

** EasySocial App for Listing Reviews: **
This application displays listing reviews from JV-LinkDirectory given by the member to other listings in a separate page in EasySocial, with a link to the app in the member's profile

--------- Integration Functions -----------

Profile and Avatar Linking:
User profile links anywhere in the directory including My Profile, Avatars and Profile links in category and detail pages in the directory will now point to the profile page of the user in EasySocial as configured. EasySocial avatar is displayed with a hyperlink to listing owner's EasySocial profile, for each listing.

EasySocial Activity Stream Posting & Userpoint Integration:
JV-LD can post numerous directory events to EasySocial stream, and also enable points to be rewarded when they occur. These include:
- New listing addition, new review, new website recommendation, new bookmark/add to favorites
- Rating of a listing, category suggestion, listing like, reporting broken listing
- New profile addition for listing, photo upload for listing, video upload for listing, file upload for listing
- Category sponsorship action, add listing to featured listings
- Link exchange invitations

Posting of data includes listing title, description and thumbnail preview with read more link to detail page below the main action description in the stream.

You need an active purchase/subscription of JV-LinkDirectory at the time of purchasing JV-LD apps for EasySocial. If you dont have an active purchase of JV-LinkDirectory, then you can do so by purchasing it just for $49. If your existing JV-LinkDirectory subscription has expired, then please renew it before purchasing JV-LD apps for EasySocial.

JV-LD apps for EasySocial come in a bundle. JV-LinkDirectory needs to be installed and setup already before you install the apps.

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William Hawthorne, on 28th Nov, 2016
Great integration with EasySocial and excellent customer service....

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Compatibility 1.0.x 1.1.x 1.2.x 1.3.x 1.4.x 2.0.x
Version 5.10
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Updated 11th Aug, 2017
Submitted 10th Nov, 2014
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