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SIMGallery is the TRUE community-driven gallery. Integrated seamlessly with EasySocial, it allows your users to create and manage their own albums, photos and videos. SIMGallery mirrors the gallery feature of Facebook EXACTLY! Browsing is as easy as using the arrow keys.

Key features:
- Media type: Photos, Profile Pictures, Videos, Wall photos/videos
- Fully responsive: displays beautifully on ALL devices
- Theater mode
- Watermark
- Categories and Sub-categories! (optional). Search albums/photos based on categories
- Facebook photos import
- Upload/link videos
- Remote storage (Amazon S3)
- Advanced access settings
- Multiple profile pictures management (optional)
- Tag media, post comments, like media, like comments, report media, set photo as profile picture, download photos, set access levels etc etc
- 3 different types of tags: tags of users, custom tags, and keyword tags (that can be set in the configuration). If you have keyword tags set, users can search for media based on these tags.
- Migrate existing media from EasySocial.

Combine categories with keywords for a truly powerful community gallery! Eg. Categories: Houses, Condos and Apartments; Keywords: 2-room, 3-room, refurbished, new. SIMGallery will now display meaningful search results. Allows you to run specific themed websites for real estate, pets, model agency, photography etc or just general community. The sky's the limit!

SIMGallery can be used standalone without the need for JS/ES/CB/JW. However, if you're integrating with them, there are 2 levels of integration:

Level 1) Post new activities on JS/ES's wall, JomWall, and CB Activity. Also post notifications for JS and ES users. SIMGallery will remain its own separate gallery, while your users will still be able to use JS/ES's gallery. Useful if you need a community gallery with category features.

Level 2) SIMGallery will completely take over JS/ES's photo and/or video gallery (ES does not have videos, so SIMGallery fixes that). All links to JS/ES's gallery will be redirected to the relevant SIMGallery links. SIMGallery will automatically create a new Wall Photos album for every user and display wall photos in them! Your users can continue to post wall photos or videos on JS/ES, and they will be linked to SIMGallery.

SIMGallery allows admins to set 2 types of user group permissions:

1) Admins - access and delete all media in the frontend regardless of permissions.

2) Media - create albums and upload photos/videos. Instead of all registered users, you can limit this to particular user group(s).

SIMGallery comes with 4 modules: the Albums module, Photos module, Videos module and Ranking module. These modules are super highly configurable, and the Ranking module even allows you to run contests on your website.

It also comes with JS, ES and CB plugins that will display a user's latest albums, photos or videos on their profiles.

It's IMPOSSIBLE to describe everything here! Please check the documentation for full description.

Reviews (4)

Easily the BEST gallery out there!
Mitch Daniels, on 20th Feb, 2016
Blown away by how slick and robust the features are. SIMGallery deserves a LOT more attention than it has! The design and UX are unparalleled, and the support is great! Very pleased...
Works great!
Edward Stacey, on 2nd May, 2015
I haven't found an APP that does what this product does. I'm quite pleased. A few tweaks of the CSS and what not and it fits right in. ...
Nice upgrade to the stock Easy Social photo gallery
Bruce Wilson, on 27th Mar, 2015
Main feature is that you can have videos also, besides still images. There are more features also over the stock photo app. Presentation is not as nice as Easy Social, but that is fairly easy to modify the CSS and get the look you are after. I'm giving 4 stars instead of 5 only because it does not integrate visually with Easy Social in the same style as Easy Socials looks. If I could give it 4 1/2 stars that is the rating I would give it. Functionality wise it integrates very nicely with Easy Social, plenty of options there. And support is excellent and quick....
Great improvement to EasySocial's gallery
Guest, on 23rd Jan, 2014
Great gallery with video features, AWESOME interface, well integrated with EasySocial....

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Version 6.0.15
Author Mike Feng
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Updated 9th Aug, 2017
Submitted 14th Dec, 2013
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