Release Notes for Komento

You may find a list of features and fixes below

Jun 12, 2015
Version 2.0.1
  • Fixed missing ACL
  • Fixed version checking in backend
  • Updated fame list tab
  • Updated backend responsive
  • Updated avatar in profile comment listing
  • Fixed free version missing file
  • Added toggle sidebar for mobile view in backend
Aug 07, 2014
Version 1.8.3
  • Automatically set comment status to moderation when poster's ip address matches blacklisted ip addresses
  • Added caching options for module
  • Change tabs to kmt-tabs
  • Fixed guest avatar not loaded correctly when integrate with JomSocial profile
  • Fixed phpbb integrations
  • Fixed comments counter compatibility with latest K2
  • Fixed upload attachment button on iPhone
  • Fixed migrator not populating depth correctly
  • Optimized EasySocial avatar integration
  • Retrieve large avatars for Kunena to avoid bad image quality
  • Fixed if the Stickies and Lovies empty value then it won't be show
  • Fixed the public/guest do not have the permission edit/delete their own comment
May 05, 2014
Version 1.8.2
  • Added Rating option in Joomla 2.5
  • Fixed override issue for rating stars
  • Fixed missing language string
  • Error component now shows the correct article id
  • Fixed backend getResource not loading properly [SYS]
Apr 23, 2014
Version 1.8.1
  • Added Rating in comment
  • Fixed various dialog issues
  • Fixed various fancybox issues
  • Fixed Cobalt failsafe when item is deleted
  • Fixed backend syntax highlighter theme preview is not working properly
Apr 16, 2014
Version 1.7.7
  • Fixed critical bug in 1.7.6
Apr 16, 2014
Version 1.7.6
  • Fixed params in comments table sometimes not initialised properly
  • Fixed komento styling issue
  • Fixed reply comments not showing correct content
  • Fixed virtuemart plugin not checking against article object correctly
  • Added custom points rule for EasySocial when adding and replying to comments
Feb 18, 2014
Version 1.7.5
  • Fixed unable to compile scripts on Windows.
  • Fixed post comment throwing error when Easysocial integration is enabled
  • Fixed comment count not working properly [SYS]
  • Fixed copy paste issues in BBCode editor
Jan 27, 2014
Version 1.7.4
  • Fixed responsive script not obeying settings
  • Fixed possible date issues with EasySocial integrations
  • Fixed document on raw mode throwing error
  • Fixed checking new comments XSS issue
  • Fixed document on raw mode throwing error
  • Fixed captcha field not activating submit button properly
  • Fixed edit frame not obeying bbcode settings
  • Fixed backend version checking display not showing properly
Jan 02, 2014
Version 1.7.3
  • Fixed XSS issue on location field in author location's link
  • Fixed XSS issue on website field in author's name
  • Fixed dialogs not loading the correct language
  • Fixed loading EasySocial script unnecessarily
  • Fixed Youtube video not being responsive
  • Removed unnecessary data from Confirm Subscription email
Dec 10, 2013
Version 1.7.2
  • Fixed included missing abstract and error files in plugins
  • Fixed error component now shows the correct article id
  • Fixed various dialog issues
  • Fixed various fancybox issues
Dec 06, 2013
Version 1.7.1
  • Added moderate message in comment form
  • Fixed backend model now loads properly without throwing komentoadmin component error [SYS]
  • Fixed various dialog pop up now works properly
  • Fixed attachments now gets uploaded when form validation is turned off
  • Fixed updated Zoo plugin to be Joomla 3.2 compatible
  • Fixed optimized EasySocial helper load
  • Fixed attachment image Fancybox now shows properly
  • Fixed backend comment listing script not loading properly
  • Fixed comment form now works properly on EasyBlog multi comment feature
Nov 20, 2013
Version 1.7.0
  • Added EasySocial Badges integration.
  • Added EasySocial Points integration.
  • Added EasySocial Stream Posting integration.
  • Added EasySocial Avatar integration.
  • Added EasySocial Login Provider integration.
  • Added EasySocial Profile integration.
  • Added EasySocial Notification integration.
Oct 07, 2013
Version 1.6.3949
  • Fixed K2 compatibility with category filter
  • Updated Cobalt plugin
  • Fixed subscription confirmation feature
  • Fixed BBCode img tag not rendering image properly
  • Fixed comments module not rendering break lines properly
  • Fixed email notification not showing the correct author name on certain cases
  • Fixed security issues with Akismet API key
Sep 03, 2013
Version 1.6.3933
  • Added database structure fix feature.
  • Added jDownloads component support in Komento Pro.
  • Fixed component support issue with Zoo and HWDMediaShare.
  • Fixed article parameter checking issue with Docman.
  • Fixed add yours button in Freso theme.
  • Fixed Komento Profile system enabling settings to be centralized.
  • Fixed approve comment link throwing error on subsequent approvals.
  • Fixed bbcode [list] issue.
Aug 20, 2013
Version 1.6.3883
  • Added fix structure maintenance option in backend
  • Fixed word filter not working properly with dollar sign
  • Fixed context checking compatibility with some component plugins
  • Fixed BBCode Url not parsing hyperlink correctly
  • Removed Cleo from free version
  • Removed attachment feature from free version
  • Removed comment preview feature from free version
  • Removed premium component plugin support from free version
Aug 03, 2013
Version 1.6.3801
  • Added captcha settings to load based on usergroups
  • Fixed cron.php not copied over during installation
  • Fixed regression in captcha image
  • Updated Joomla Article plugin to correspond with Joomla 2.5.14 and Joomla 3.1.5 changes in context
Aug 01, 2013
Version 1.6.3781
  • Added cron.php for direct cron execution
  • Fixed SOBIPRO's sql issues
  • Fixed Cobalt 8 plugin throwing undefined parameters error
  • Fixed avatar size conflict on EasyBlog pages
  • Fixed captcha sometimes not loading properly
  • Fixed Suhosin error messages
  • Fixed backend edit comment issue for Joomla 3.0 during component selection
  • Fixed activity codes not using comment author's id
  • Fixed Komento Profile using JUser table conflicting with other component's user table
  • Fixed ACL issues due to data structure change from Komento 1.5
  • Fixed unable to like JomSocial Activity Stream posting
  • Fixed Freso theme load more button containing dirty codes
  • Updated activities modules to integrate orphanitem conversion feature
  • Updated activities modules to use comment name instead of profile name
  • Updated guest names to use hypens as separators instead of brackets
  • Updated core api to include context checking
  • Updated Cobalt 8 plugin to include triggers
  • Updated Joomla Article plugin to have context checking
  • Updated Ohanah plugin to have context checking, use new trigger, and to have better event ID checking
Jun 18, 2013
Version 1.6.3712
  • Added search box and limit box in backend listing for J3.0
  • Fixed registry throwing file name length error
  • Fixed email subscription checking
  • Fixed confirmation subscription with subscribe email feature issue
  • Fixed possible error during migrating ACL data from K1.5
  • Fixed category filter issue on "except selected" mode
  • Fixed responsive styling on various elements
  • Fixed backend version checking
  • Fixed SobiPro title issues
  • Fixed SobiPro initialize loading
  • Fixed invalid usergroupsacl.json markup
  • Fixed database issue on installing fresh ACL rules
  • Fixed backend integration settings on saving regex
  • Fixed possible unsubscribe link issue in email content
  • Fixed login box not appearing on certain ACL configuration
  • Fixed preview comments styling on certain ACL configuration
  • Fixed Kunena 3 option not found in configuration settings
Jun 12, 2013
Version 1.6.3680
  • Added master switch for moderation feature
  • Added Lightbox preview for images
  • Added thumbnail preview for images
  • Added comments tab in Komento Profile
  • Added custom columns in backend Pending and Reports page
  • Added custom bbcode feature
  • Added Cleo and Freso themes
  • Added user rank bar
  • Added preview comments in listing page feature
  • Added subscribe with email feature
  • Added new acl rules
  • Fixed regex issues with JCH Optimize
  • Fixed rss permalink issues
  • Fixed Gravatar profile for guest
  • Fixed reCaptcha not loading properly in reply comment mode
  • Updated backend comment edit to change component and article id
  • Updated themes to be responsive
May 08, 2013
Version 1.5.3316
  • Added Kunena 3 avatar integration
  • Fixed Joomla 3.0 backend display issues
  • Fixed SobiPro issues
  • Fixed Virtuemart permalink generation
  • Fixed MailQ issues in Joomla 1.5
  • Fixed pending page in backend
  • Fixed location form issues
  • Fixed Firefox JavaScript conflict
  • Fixed CJComments
  • Fixed Terms and Condition dialog not showing properly
  • Updated Cobalt plugin
Apr 15, 2013
Version 1.5.3286
  • Fixed various typos
  • Fixed backend integrations not saving properly
  • Fixed scripts not updated
  • Fixed ajax load list feature
  • Fixed triggers feature
  • Fixed database update link in post-installation screen
  • Fixed MailQ issues in Joomla 1.5
Apr 09, 2013
Version 1.5.3275
  • Added template theme overriding switch
  • Added component theme overriding switch
  • Added inherit base theme switch
  • Added trigger method option
  • Added various trigger functions in abstract
  • Fixed Komento bar regression issues
  • Fixed SobiPro issues when adding new comment
  • Fixed KomentoError failsafe component
  • Fixed documentation links in the backend
  • Fixed publishing comment does not obey email notification settings
  • Fixed URL does not have target blank
  • Fixed URL break on quotes in link
  • Fixed JACL checking
  • Fixed BBCode emoticon using wrong icons
  • Updated Settings to System
  • Updated Advance tab to show by default
Mar 21, 2013
Version 1.5.3232
  • Added Cobalt 8 integration
  • Added getComponentThemePath method in abstract
  • Added trigger functions in abstract
  • Added component template override feature
  • Fixed user issues in RSS feed
  • Removed all Komento triggers
Mar 11, 2013
Version 1.5.3220
  • Added upgrade to pro message in free version
  • Fixed XSS security issues in comments posting
  • Fixed JomSocial 2.8.3 compatibility
  • Fixed Zoo's compatibility with Joomla 3.0
  • Fixed comment info and schema date syntax error
  • Fixed terms and condition not breaking lines properly
  • Fixed backend loading invalid components
  • Fixed edit reply to obey comment length settings
  • Fixed guest liking comment causing comment likes to get erased
  • Fixed subscription confirmation feature breaks comment posting
Feb 18, 2013
Version 1.5.3200
  • Added component/article loading failsafe
  • Added article id column in backend comments listing page
  • Added getComponentName abstract function
  • Added getComponentIcon abstract function
  • Added various Schema tags
  • Fixed backend ACL page not checking against Joomla ACL
  • Fixed email notification date/time format to obey settings
  • Fixed backend generated email notification to have the correct avatar
  • Fixed JEvents compatibility
  • Fixed Schema incomplete tags issues
  • Fixed approving comments in pending listing page gets redirected to the wrong page
  • Updated email notification subject to include article title
Jan 24, 2013
Version 1.5.3146
  • Added settings to control guest label
  • Fixed migration not populating depth properly
  • Fixed CJComment migration not able to get the correct parent id
  • Fixed server side character length check
  • Fixed mail notification sending multiple emails to recipients
  • Fixed language fallback issue
  • Fixed word filter issue when word filter contain slash
  • Fixed Zoo integration compatibility with Joomla 3.0
  • Fixed cancel reply not resetting depth
  • Fixed MailQ not able to preview text based email
  • Fixed unsubcribe link in text based email
  • Fixed JomSocial 2.8 stream issue
  • Fixed depth not setting properly in Joomla 1.5
  • Fixed date issues in Joomla 1.5
  • Updated comments module in handling category filter
Jan 04, 2013
Version 1.5.3100
  • Added new component plugin method - onParameterDisabled
  • Added English as a fallback language for incomplete language translation
  • Added onBeforeSendNotification trigger
  • Fixed K2 reverting to original comments when Komento is disabled
  • Fixed K2 avatar not working properly
  • Fixed Joomla 3.0 unable to configure modules
  • Fixed Joomla 3.0 unable to send email notification
  • Fixed Joomla 3.0 flood control not working properly
  • Fixed Joomla 1.5 unable to install modules
  • Fixed unexpected issues from session token
  • Fixed comments module random mode issue
  • Fixed date not appearing properly in comments form
  • Fixed JomSocial activity stream not posting properly
  • Fixed backend report not counting properly
  • Updated table indexes for better performance
Dec 12, 2012
Version 1.5.3067
  • Added option to use datetime as permalink
  • Added option to parse http links
  • Added option to show comment id
  • Added HWDMediaShare avatar option
  • Added custom column in backend comments listing
  • Fixed Ohanah id mapping issues
  • Fixed MosetsTree permalink not generating correct link
  • Fixed SobiPro 'defined constant' issue
  • Fixed Virtuemart category not displaying properly in the backend
  • Fixed email notification not using comment author
  • Fixed profile vendor not identifying user id properly
  • Fixed conversation bar not using user email as avatar identifier
  • Fixed Komento Profile counting unpublished comments as total comments count
  • Fixed RSS for user comments is not working
  • Fixed onBeforeLoad trigger not loaded before id mapping
  • Fixed notification recipients unable to deselect all groups
  • Fixed conversation bar showing pending comments author
  • Fixed avatar fallback causing Gravatar to not load properly
  • Fixed JACL not working properly due to invalid prefix
  • Fixed JACL access.xml file not copied over during installation
  • Fixed module not displaying Gravatar properly
  • Fixed CSS inconsistency for section-kmt
  • Fixed comment link not jumping to Komento frame properly due to element id mismatch
  • Fixed JavaScript errors when attachment feature is not enabled
  • Fixed guest unable to sort comments in non-threaded mode
  • Fixed pending comments gets published to activity stream
  • Fixed datetime not showing properly in Joomla 1.5
  • Fixed approving pending comments not posting to activity stream
  • Fixed datetime not getting timezone offset in the backend
  • Fixed Gravatar avatar with email capitalization
  • Fixed unnecessary tags in share button
  • Fixed encoding issues in share button
  • Fixed JavaScript errors when comments module is on the same page
  • Fixed com_builder throwing errors if it is not installed
  • Fixed RSComment migrator
  • Fixed upload button and video dialog z-index issues
  • Fixed email template markup
  • Fixed subscribe with RSS button styling in IE
  • Fixed subscription checkbox not showing when email field is set to "No" for registered users
  • Fixed reCAPTCHA keys not being able to save
  • Updated Gravatar API
  • Updated datetime reference for Joomla 1.5 in settings page
  • Updated backend comments listing SQL for better performance with large database of comments
  • Updated frontend comments listing SQL for better performance with large database of comments
Oct 16, 2012
Version 1.0.2843
  • Added HWDMediaShare integration
  • Added notification recipients by usergroups
  • Added comment id display on non threaded mode
  • Added show/hide permalink options
  • Added disable Komento on tmpl=component mode
  • Added clear captcha cron job
  • Fixed Komento's compatibility with Joomla Article's pagebreak
  • Fixed EasyBlog's itemid issue
  • Fixed Ohanah not showing hits
  • Fixed SobiPro JavaScript conflicts
  • Fixed FlexiContent's compatibility issue
  • Fixed disable parameter not working in K2
  • Fixed upload form doesn't work properly on IE9 when Add Comment button is on
  • Fixed comment max length not checking properly
  • Fixed likedusers list not showing properly
  • Fixed auto subscription not working properly
  • Fixed terms and condition text not obeying settings
  • Fixed terms and condition settings not able to deselect all usergroups
  • Fixed backend comments page pagination not working properly
  • Fixed migrator's category selection not showing properly
  • Fixed PHPBB avatar not working
  • Fixed guest comments get converted into orphanitem unexpectedly
  • Fixed missing model class error in backend
  • Fixed location script to avoid double loading
  • Fixed private key exposed on client side
  • Fixed word censoring not working for unicode
  • Fixed video insert issue
  • Fixed RSS feed loading unnecessary scripts
  • Fixed API not reading from CID custom mapping
  • Fixed comments module issue when application is empty
  • Updated missing translation strings
Aug 26, 2012
Version 1.0.2771
  • Added security hotfix for rss view.
  • Fixed Flexicontent integrations.
Aug 25, 2012
Version 1.0.2769
  • Added owner convert for orphanitem comments
  • Added random parameter in comments module
  • Added IP logger for comments
  • Added custom migration
  • Fixed ACL not installing properly on fresh install
  • Fixed upload form not working properly on IE
  • Fixed JEvents integration issue
  • Fixed MosetsTree integration issue
  • Fixed template overriding not working
  • Fixed 3rd party component support
  • Fixed backend edit comment not displaying properly
  • Fixed cache issues during post comment
  • Fixed Kunena avatar integration
  • Updated profile page to show username on title bar
  • Removed Hudson Clairofontes
Aug 09, 2012
version 1.0.2722
  • Added usergroup settings for Terms and Condition
  • Added settings for default sorting (for non threaded view)
  • Added missing SobiPro integration
  • Fixed shorten link parsed wrongly
  • Fixed JEvents permalink
  • Fixed Syntax Highlighter issues
  • Fixed comment counter
  • Updated abstract layer API
Jul 28, 2012
Version 1.0.2632
  • Added RSComments Migration
  • Added language (English) fallback if invalid language is loaded
  • Added threshold for Lovies
  • Added EasyDiscuss Points integration
  • Added Syntax Highlighting
  • Added counter for pending comments in backend
  • Added counter for reported comments in backend
  • Added use Joomla article's read more settings
  • Added nofollow attribute for links in comments settings
  • Added date format settings
  • Added max image size settings
  • Added Gravatar default avatar settings
  • Added video BB Code
  • Added code BB code
  • Added various triggers for plugin development
  • Fixed permalinks in email notification
  • Fixed Komento Profile breadcrumbs route
  • Fixed links under Komento Profile
  • Fixed Virtuemart integration in Joomla 1.5
  • Fixed Joomla 1.5 issues in backend page
  • Removed component reference in Komento Profile
Jul 16, 2012
Version 1.0.2489
  • Added error popup with error details
  • Added ability to detect custom user theme
  • Added integration component selection page
  • Added readmore settings for Joomla Article
  • Fixed comments module not getting some comments
  • Fixed comments module not obeying module settings
  • Fixed load more bar not generating correct URL
  • Fixed Joomla 1.5 compatibility issues
  • Fixed Guest website link
  • Fixed invalid form token issues
  • Fixed lapsed time not parsing properly on foreign languages
  • Fixed EasyBlog team blog permalink generation
  • Updated ACL table in backend to always show
  • Updated attachment styling
  • Updated character counter in comment form
  • Updated "In reply to" to show name in threaded mode
  • Removed "icon" view in comments attachment
Jul 06, 2012
version 1.0.2396
  • Added MailQ preview in backend
  • Added Komento Profile menu item
  • Added KomentoLock parameter
  • Added KomentoEnable parameter
  • Added Joomla User Group Access List for Komento
  • Added Komento Profile independent settings
  • Fixed double read more in Joomla Article
  • Fixed K2 comment counter
  • Fixed K2 module integration
  • Fixed Komento comment counter
  • Fixed permalink in backend
  • Fixed Komento Profile router issue
Jun 29, 2012
version 1.0.2342
  • Added 'People who liked this' list
  • Added rar and zip to default allowed upload extension list
  • Fixed comment bar not showing on listing pages
  • Fixed content id issues in comments modules
Jun 28, 2012
version 1.0.2334
  • Added attachment upload feature
  • Added Mosets Tree integration
  • Added Gravatar profile link
  • Added unsubscribe link in email notification for subscribers
  • Added modules in component package
  • Fixed avatar settings affecting author name unnecessarily
  • Fixed comment approval from email
  • Fixed frontpage bar showing empty div element
  • Fixed backend not able to unpublish comment
  • Fixed backend publish and unpublish language and images
  • Fixed modules not able to load elements file
  • Fixed email notification break due to invalid date parsing
  • Fixed RTL compatibility
  • Fixed reCAPTCHA not able to verify
  • Fixed missing trigger for Ohanah
  • Fixed module breaking due to trashed article
  • Fixed activities module not showing proper user performing action
  • Fixed load more button not generating proper link in non SEF pages
  • Fixed fullname issues in email template
  • Updated category assignment
  • Updated Stickies and Lovies to hide by default if no comment is found
  • Optimized document loading
  • Optimized theme loading
  • Optimized URL shortening causing slow page loads
Jun 15, 2012
Version 1.0.2135
  • Added JEvents integration
  • Added AlphaUserPoints integration
  • Added ability to control email notification based on events
  • Added reported comment email notification
  • Added new JomSocial user point rules
  • Added RTL compatibility
  • Added exclude categories feature
  • Fixed various issues with tabbed comment interface
  • Fixed sticked comments going more than allowed limit
  • Fixed Digg and Delicious share button
  • Fixed disabled Komento Profile still accessible
  • Fixed Komento Profile rendering wrong permalink on activities page
  • Fixed Flood Control compatibility issues with Joomla 1.5
  • Fixed category selection option compatibility issues with Joomla 1.5
  • Fixed email notification not parsing comment content properly
  • Fixed website regex pattern and regex matching
  • Fixed not able to stick comments properly in front end
  • Fixed JomSocial rule file not copied over during installation
  • Updated comment moderation link in email notification to front end
  • Updated fame list to always refresh on tab change
  • Updated form interface to hide by default
Jun 08, 2012
Version 1.0.1966
  • Added tabbed comment interface
  • Added option to disable browser scrolling upon posting comment
  • Added option to disable autohide form notification upon posting comment
  • Added Zoo elements compatibility
  • Added KomentoLock parameter
  • Fixed KomentoDisable not working properly on Joomla Article
  • Fixed SSL issues with reCAPTCHA
  • Fixed SSL issues with Google Maps
  • Fixed SSL issues with Gravatar
  • Fixed Joomla 1.5 installer issues
  • Fixed SEF url in moderation Email
  • Updated post-installation sprite
Jun 01, 2012
Version 1.0.1882
  • Added comment field regular expression checking
  • Added custom comment field regular expression checking
  • Added subscription confirmation settings
  • Added auto subscription settings
  • Added ACL profiles
  • Added "required" indicator on form fields where necessary
  • Added JomSocial Userpoints integration
  • Added article link in backend comment management
  • Added new author ACL rules for author control
  • Fixed Community Builder avatar integration issues
  • Fixed comment form not able to post comment when location is off
  • Fixed guest comment not moderated in Joomla 1.5
  • Fixed missing languages
  • Fixed comment form requirements not checking properly
  • Fixed K2 comment anchor link not linking properly
May 22, 2012
Version 1.0.1721
  • Added Schema Option
  • Added Ajax crawler pages
  • Added MailQ view
  • Updated backend icons
  • Added Komento Comments module
  • Added Komento Activities module
  • Fixed comment list javascript issues in IE8
  • Fixed BBCode list tags messing up HTML DOM
  • Fixed Zoo compatibility with multiple textarea elements
  • Fixed Akismet errors with invalid properties
May 18, 2012
Version 1.0.1646
  • Joomla 1.5 support (Beta)
  • Added version checker
  • Added option to turn off Komento Profile
  • Added option to control individual BB Code button
  • Added cancel button during comment editing
  • Fixed comment form validation errors when subscribe checkbox is checked
  • Fixed JavaScript errors when FameList is not activated
  • Fixed Backend Subscribers Page error on getting content title
  • Fixed address container showing up when no address is tagged
  • Fixed edit info display css
  • Fixed Pending Comments issues
  • Fixed ACL backlink
  • Fixed Reports backlink
May 15, 2012
Version 1.0.1558
  • Reorganized components settings page.
  • Fixed backend menu link to reports
  • Added quote stripping to jcomments migrator
  • Added kmt-emoticon class to avoid emoticon displaying as block
  • Fixed empty div when famelist is off.
  • Fixed migrator actions spelling mistake.
  • Clicking on location now opens in a new window / tab.
  • If context is from a module, do not process comments.
  • Fixed Zoo plugin should not process anything if id is invalid.
  • Fixed website not passing validation due to wrong key.
May 10, 2012
Version 1.0.1518 (BETA)
  • 2nd beta release of Komento
  • Added category selection to display Komento
  • Added live notification on new comments
  • Added Komento user profile
  • Added JomSocial activity stream integration
  • Added comments migration (from EasyBlog, Zoo, K2, CompoJoomComment, JA Comment, JComments, SliComment)
  • Added fame comment list (features sticked comments and top liked comments)
  • Added component integration (EasyBlog, Ohanah, RedShop, FlexiContent)
  • Added comment flat list mode
  • Added maximum comment length check
  • Added comment counter
  • Fixed IE9 not loading Komento
  • Fixed Zoo and K2 integration
  • Fixed word censoring intefering with emoticons
  • Fixed RSS error parsing date
Apr 12, 2012
Version 1.0.1075 (BETA)
  • Initial beta release of Komento from StackIdeas
  • Added component integration (Joomla Article, Zoo, K2, VirtueMart)
  • Added avatar integration
  • Added conversation Bar
  • Added location Tagging
  • Added social sharing
  • Added ACL control
  • Added threaded comments
  • Added captcha/Recaptcha
  • Added word censoring
  • Added minimum comment length check
  • Added flood control
  • Added email notification
  • Added BBCode integration